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Common mistakes men make in the gym

1. Lifting too heavy is realy about your ego. Training with weight outside your realistic abilities leads to injuries and usually embarrassment. 2. Grunting sends a signal to the whole gym that you are lifting more than you can handle. This goes the same for dropping, throwing or slamming weights down. 3. Never training legs….
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Reebok Lawsuit

Reebok recently was fined $25 million for making false claims about it’s toning shoes. Do certain shoes really help you tone up? If you have been inactive over the past few years and start walking more and moving around that alone will create a environment that promotes toning. It is similar to the placebo effect….
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Welcome to my website!

I appreciate you taking the time to browse and I hope you find the information relative, interesting, fun and most importantly useful. As time goes on, the site will grow and be filled with great information that may help transform your life. I won’t promise you changes overnight, nor will I sell you pills and…
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