Proper eating is the essential ingredient to health and longevity

NutritionI have spent 22 plus years in the health and fitness industry. I have yet to see someone out-train a bad diet. Nutrition is crucial to our body’s operating systems. I use this example daily: imagine I buy you a new car. Since this is a game, imagine the vehicle of your dreams. Is it a European sports car, a Detroit muscle car or a big 4 wheel drive truck? Whatever it is, there are 2 defining differences with your vehicle. First, once you drive it off the lot, you can never turn it off. Secondly, you have a one-gallon gas tank. What would happen? Well, you would constantly be filling up your gas tank; morning, noon and night. You would probably carry a gas can around with you at all times.

The next thing to remember is that most of us would want that car to run like a race car! My mechanic friends know this, but most people may not: sugar in gas will ruin your motor. Water in gas also hurts motors, so anything other than gas will seriously affect how your car runs. One station has cheap gas at $1 a gallon, but the gas contains contaminants while across the street you can get great high performance fuel for $4 a gallon; which would you put in your new car? I hope you said the high performance fuel. This is how your body works. You cannot operate like a high performance machine when you fill your tank with low quality fuel.