For me – I can not tell you how much the last 16 weeks has really changed my life. When I first learned that my Polar Body age was actually 66 when we started I was both mad and embarrassed. I did not want to face – let alone let others know – that I was that out of shape. For years I had lied to myself that at 53 I was in “Okay” shape and that I was eating a “somewhat” healthy diet

The results are pretty amazing. I got to within 1 pound of my target weight as I finished at 176 pounds – one week before the actual program began I weighed in at 201 – I guess I was really “fat” and could not see it or admit it to myself. I feel so much better today. I feel better physically and fell better about myself and how I look. It is hard to believe that I went from virtually not exercising at all to exercising on average 4 to 5 days a week for a total of between 3 and 4 hours a week. Before the program I don’t think I could have imagined myself committing to working out that frequently

In the end – the fact that I reduced my Polar Body age to 54 (that’s 12 years off the CRAP 66 age) seems almost unreal. The program has truly helped me to change my lifestyle and my life and put the “old fat” me behind me…



That first week my eyes were truly opened. I learned how to really eat again with the goal of fueling my body instead of poisoning it. I started my exercise with enthusiasm. I didn’t join a gym; I didn’t purchase any fancy equipment. I just put on my sneakers and walked out the door. And I walked out the door the next day, and the next. I kept walking out that door all summer.

So now is the end of the challenge. I have lost 43 pounds and am still going strong. I am physically fit. I can go up and down stairs without losing my breath. When I get out of the shower I can once again wrap a bath towel around my body. I am fitting into clothes I never thought I’d wear again. I am down to a size that I never thought I’d be again. Clothes shopping is no longer a horrible experience. Those dressing rooms mirrors are no longer so frightening.

The best part about this is how I feel. I feel so much better. My confidence is back, my energy is up, and I never want to go back to that dark place of heaviness again. I realize now that dedicating myself to my family doesn’t mean sacrificing my own needs and my own health. I know now that I can have it all, and being healthy and active allows me to be a better Mom, wife and employee.